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PB&J Tasty Snuggles Blanket

PB&J Tasty Snuggles Blanket

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- Hooray! No need to get all tangled up, our S'mores blanket is here for a cozy, adorable experience!

- 100% satisfaction guarantee

- The Tasty Snuggles blankets are your new buddy: You'll never want to cuddle with your loved one without them! Ideal for lounging on the sofa, enjoying a night in with friends, or watching a film.

- Lovingly crafted from the best, most cuddly-soft materials: Every blanket is made from toasty-warm sherpa fleece on the inside.

- FREE shipping

Shipping Info

You can expect your parcel within 2-8 business days from when it leaves our manufacturer.

Tasty Snuggles Care Instructions

  • Hand / machine wash using cold to warm water (40°c maximum is suggested)
  • If machine washing, ensure a gentle cycle is selected
  • Use only very mild detergents (approved for wool/ silk)
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Avoid mixing with other colours
  • Do not iron

If you want to keep the blanket's cuddliness and softness for as long as possible, we recommend hand washing it in cold water.

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