Why Tasty Snuggles

Our Mission

  • We at Tasty Snuggles made certain that our blankets are designed from the beginning for maximum comfort and style in all seasons, with material that is not too thick to make you sweat and not too thin to make you freeze. We want foodies to be able to snuggle with their loved ones in style, so we believe it is time to give up on old plain blankets and embrace new colors and styles.

Why Tasty Snuggles not others?

Let us explain:

We at Tasty Snuggles understand that the blanket market is in demand and that there is a lot of blankets out there with less price, but we know for sure that:

  • At Tasty Snuggles, our blankets are made of warm flannel fleece on the outside and super soft sherpa fleece on the inside. Tasty Snuggles blankets are made of high-quality material, making them long-lasting and reversible.
  • At Tasty Snuggles, We are proud of our designs because we hired a professional designer who can communicate our mission to everyone. We assure you that no one can compete with our beautifully designed high quality blankets!
  • At Tasty Snuggles, We made certain that our blankets are suitable for people of all ages and body types; we do not want people to consider our blankets only for sleeping; instead, we prefer that our customers use our blankets while they are snuggling with their beloved one outdoors or watching a movie in doors.